This article will teach you how to deploy a machine learning API and app using Flask on Heroku. The machine learning API will predict the probability of a forest fire using three values: temperature, oxygen, and humidity. Keep in mind that the probability may not be completely accurate and should not be relied on in a real-life situation.


What are APIs? Technically, API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs are used to access specific features or data of an application and can be used in different applications.

A few weeks ago, I worked on a project using the Raspberry Pi and the Coral USB Accelerator. This project was a computer vision project called the Embedded Teachable Machine. A summary of the project is a device that allows you to train a computer vision system to recognize objects simply by pressing buttons to input training data. You can check out that project over here. In case you do not know what the Raspberry Pi is. It is a python based microcomputer. It also has its own operating system similar to Linux. The Coral USB Accelerator is an Edge…

What are the mental models?

Mental Models are mindsets to help you make difficult and complicated decisions.

Why I decided to write about it

I decided to write about mental models because there are many decisions that people have to take in their lives, and it can be hard to make those decisions. Mental Models can be a handy tool to have with you when making choices and can help you make the right one.

What are some Mental Models?


Inversion is a mental model that helps people answer difficult questions and make wise decisions. Like how do I become happy? And what do I want to do in the future? The way that inversion works is…


The way I learned about cognitive biases was through machine learning. The world is changing, and Machine Learning will be a big part of the new world. Machine Learning might decide if you will get a job or even what job you get. Machine Learning is dependent on data. The data that the machine receives dictates what the Machine Learning model will do and how it will do it. If machines are making such important decisions, we should make sure that the data it receives is not biased. We can do this by recognizing our biases. …

Niyel Hassan

Hey! I’m Niyel, a 13-year-old passionate about Machine Learning & Genetics

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